Image of Me Too: Sexism, Bias, and Sexual Misconduct in the Legal Profession
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Philip Bogdanoff
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As the "Me Too" movement shines a light on sexual misconduct and sexually inappropriate actions, it's time for lawyers of both genders to examine the effects of this kind of conduct in the legal community. When speaking on this issue, presenter Philip Bogdanoff has found that sexual misconduct and bias is a recurrent issue in our judicial system and that many attorneys are hesitant to report this misconduct. In this presentation Bogdanoff will review disciplinary cases involving inappropriate sexual conduct by judges, prosecutors, and attorneys. This interactive presentation even gives you the chance to pit your opinions about the violations against the actual rulings by the Ethics review boards in each case.
$79.00 - Georgia Lawyer CLE

Thu, Apr 23, 2020 - 12:00p to 01:02p CDT

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